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DNA Damage Assay Kit

Product Overview


Apurinic/ apyrimidinic (AP) sites are one of the major DNA lesions that occur during base excision and repair of oxidized, deaminated or alkylated bases. It has been estimated that ~20x10^5 base lesions are generated per cell per day. The level of AP sites in cells can be a good indicator of DNA lesion and repair against chemical damage and cell aging.


Assay Principle

This kit utilizes an Aldehyde Reactive Probe (ARP) that reacts specifically with aldehyde groups exposed in the AP sites of purified DNA samples. Following the reaction with ARP, the sites are tagged with biotin and quantified by colorimetric detection of the binding HRP-streptavidin. Each kit provides the required reagents for assessment of DNA damage in 25 purified DNA samples using a 96 well plate format.


Spec Sheet