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Company Info

Mission Statement 
Recognizing that the reduction in disease and improvement of human health will require the development of better ways to identify and quantify underlying risk factors for disease, Oxford Biomedical Research (OBR) seeks to provide biomedical researchers with the best tools available for the analysis of Oxidative Stress and Chronic Inflammation – two of the most important risk factors that play key roles in the development of a wide range of human illness, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurodegeneration. 

Vision Statement
In contrast to current medical and insurance practices focused on the treatment of diseases, we seek to provide biomedical researchers and diagnosticians with reliable, non-invasive methods for the assessment of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation and the efficacy of diet, drugs, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle for the prevention of major debilitating diseases.

Corporate Profile
Oxford Biomedical Research (OBR) develops, manufactures and markets assay kits, recombinant proteins and antibodies for biomedical research and drug discovery. The company’s primary focus is on the identification and assay of biomarkers for oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, two major risk factors for multiple diseases. OBR is employing proprietary technology to develop tissue and disease specific biomarkers. ProteoMine™ is a cost effective tool for removing high abundance proteins for biomarker discovery. ToxProfiler™ technology captures and detects oxidized proteins in blood correlated with organ-specific toxicity and disease. New platform technologies such as Toxicoproteomics and Metabolomics are being applied, adapted and modified into new and practical ways for the diagnosis of early onset disease and for the prevention of diseases.

Oxford Biomedical Research (OBR) was founded in 1984 by Denis M. Callewaert Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and the former Director of the Center for Biomedical Research at Oakland University. It is one of 4 biotechnology companies founded by Professor Callewaert.
Located in Rochester Hills, MI, the Company markets over 800 products for the biomedical research community. 
Oxford Biomedical Research also performs research and development under the auspices of grants and contracts from the National Institute of Health. 
OBR has developed a large number of collaborations with internationally recognized scientists. The Company has licensed several key technologies and is further developing clinical diagnostic tests in collaboration with faculty from major academic and government research institutions.

The company actively seeks partnerships in related fields of study to combine strengths and abilities.  Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

SBH Sciences is a Biotechnology Service Provider company offering comprehensive preclinical process development services to the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology industries including cell culture (mammalian and insect cell), protein purification, cell-based assays and ELISA Development kit. In addition, SBH Sciences is producing 30 monoclonal antibodies and 25 highly purified recombinant cytokines including Activin A, BMP-7, HGF, Interleukin-12 and TGF-b.