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Grp 75 Standard

Product Overview

A 75 kDa glucose regulated protein (Grp75) is a mitochondrial matrix protein that is generally recognized as a member of the heat shock protein 70 (hsp 70) class of proteins. Grp 75 is induced under conditions of low glucose and other nutritional and environmental stresses. Closely related proteins have been identified in the immune system (PBP74; CSA), liver (mtHsp70), and cell lines. Grp 75 is involved in various chaperoning functions in protein translocation, folding, and function in mitochondria. It also appears to be involved in antigen recognition, cell proliferation, and senescence. Although primarily localized in mitochondria, related forms may be found in cytosol or on the surface of the extracellular membrane.
This partially purified preparation is useful as a standard for Western blotting using the anti-peptide antibodies to Grp 75 described below. Each vial is sufficient for at least 10 Western blots. References:
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