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Human uPA total antigen ELISA assay

Product Overview


Human uPA total antigen assay is intended for the quantitative determination of total plasminogen activator antigen in biological fluids.
Urokinase plasminogen activator is a serine protease that activates plasminogen to plasmin in the blood fibrinolytic system. It is also implicated in events related to cell invasion/migration.

Assay Principle

Human uPA will bind to the capture antibody coated on the microtiter plate. Free and complexed enzyme will react with the capture antibody on the plate. After appropriate washing steps, polyclonal anti-human uPA primary antibody binds to the captured enzyme. Excess antibody is washed away and bound polyclonal antibody is then reacted with the secondary antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase. TMB substrate is used for color development at 450 nm. A standard calibration curve is prepared along with the samples to be measured using dilutions of uPA.

Typical Standard Curve




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