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Several factors influence the stability of foods and ingredients including added and natural antioxidants, temperature, handling conditions and exposure to light and oxygen. Properties associated with this decline in freshness include undesirable changes in flavors, textures, shelf stbility, nutritional content and appearance. Many tests have been developed and used over the years to quantify the antioxidant and free-radical scavenging properties of foods, including the DPPH assay, FRAP assay, Fox assay and FTC assay. Each of these tests has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the sample type and the ease of performing the assay.

OBR has been selling the popular CUPRAC method for many years which has many advantages over other methods, including a broader range of thiol antioxidant detection, better stability, wider dynamic range and is run at physiological pH.

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CUPRAC Food and Beverage Antioxidant Assay FS02 1 Kit $365.00