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Isoprostanes are excellent molecular biomarkers for oxidant stress. Indeed, 15-F2t-Isoprostane (previously called 8-epi-PGF2α) is already widely recognized as the 'gold standard' of oxidant status. Oxford Biomedical Research introduced the first immunoassay for isoprostane over a decade ago and have been extensively validated using GC/MS. Our newest Urinary Isoprostane Assay (EA85) contains specially formulated buffers that eliminate the need for costly and time consuming solid phase extraction.

Free radicals are so reactive and short-lived that direct measurement is usually not possible. However, hundreds of biomolecules are known to be derived from the interaction of free radicals with biomolecules. Assays for some of these oxidative stress biomarkers, as well as assays for several of the body’s antioxidant defense mechanisms, have been widely used. Although there are numerous tools on the market, a small number of oxidized lipids, as well as byproducts of DNA and protein oxidation, have withstood the test of time. Our major goal is to provide you with straightforward, reliable assays for oxidative stress biomarkers and for antioxidant capacity of biological fluids.

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Isoprostane EIA Kit EA84 Kit $330.00
Lipid Peroxidation Assay Kit FR12 Kit $560.00
LPO Microplate Based Assay Kit FR22 23 samples $270.00
Microplate Assay for GSH/GSSG GT40 Kit $395.00
Nitrotyrosine Protein Standard NT60 65 ug $355.00
Nitrotyrosine, Affinity purified Goat Polyclonal NT50 0.1 mg $355.00
TBARS Fluorometric Microplate Assay FR45 Kit $240.00
Total Antioxidant Power Kit TA02 Kit $375.00
Total Glutathione Assay Kit GT20 Kit $290.00