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UGT-Express 2B7, 1.0 gram

Product Overview

UGT-Express is a catalytic system with individual native human UGTs (UDP-glucuronosyltransferase) co-expressed with UDP-glucose dehydrogenase.  This system shows high catalytic activity and reduces costs as it does not require the addition of UGT-glucuronic acid.

Advantages of the Express Technology

  • Stability: Our dry powder preparations have enhanced thermal stability permitting storage in a refrigerator or even at room temperature prior to use.
  • Significantly lower cost: Lower cost for the UGT — and UDP-glucuronic acid is generated in situ
  • More natural: Native human enzyme sequence in a Eukaryotic lipid milieu.
  • Semipermeable encapsulation: This format allows us to co-express ancillary enzymes to make expensive cofactors and co-substrates, thereby further reducing costs.
  • Enhanced solvent stability: Many drug candidates are poorly soluble in water and require use of an organic solvent. Express enzymes tolerate higher concentrations of organic solvents.
  • Ease of use: Just weigh out, add buffer, substrate and UDP-glucose
UGT Reaction