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Xenobiotics are molecules that are not produced in vivo, but rather, are introduced into the body from the environment and subsequently metabolized by the body. Routes of introduction to the body include inhalation (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons in cigarette smoke), intravenous (e.g. various anesthetics), transdermal and, for most pharmaceutical agents, ingestion.  The metabolism of xenobiotics in our environment is an important field of investigation. However, to minimize risk and optimize therapeutic benefits, it is critical that the metabolism of candidate pharmaceutical agents be elucidated, including identification and properties of key metabolites.

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Product CAT.# Size Price
Microsomes, 3-Methylcholanthrene Ind. Rat Liver PC21 0.2 mg $125.00
Microsomes, Clofibrate Induced Rat Liver PC12 0.2 mg $125.00
Microsomes, Dexamethasone Induced Rat Liver PC18 0.2 mg $125.00
Microsomes, Female Rat Liver PC11 0.2 mg $125.00
Microsomes, Pyridine Induced Rat Liver PC16 0.2 mg $125.00
NADPH-P450 Reductase, Recombinant Human PH51 0.2 mg $390.00
Recombinant Human Cytochrome b5 PH91 100 ug $390.00
UGT-Express 2B7, 1.0 gram UG27.1gram 1.0 gram $455.00