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Two excellent biomarkers for inflammation are Histamine (EA31) and 15-Keto-13,14-Dihydro-PGF2α (EA20). Histamine serves as a mediator of inflammation and hypersensitivity responses and is involved in a cascade physiological effects that are influenced by typical immune response and environmental factors. 15-Keto-13,14-Dihydro-PGF2α is the major metabolite of PGFα and can be used as an unique biomarker of acute and chronic inflammation.

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cDNA Probe, Murine Leukocyte 12-LOX ML12 0.001 mg $300.00
COX-1 Promoter Construct (Murine) PG07 0.05 mg $640.00
COX-2 Promoter Construct (Short/Murine) PG06 0.05 mg $640.00
Histamine EIA Kit EA31 Kit $470.00
Leukotriene B4 EIA Kit EA35 Kit $390.00
Leukotriene C4 EIA Kit EA38 Kit $390.00
Leukotriene C4/D4/E4 EIA Kit EA39 Kit $390.00
Lipoxin A4 EIA Kit EA45 Kit $480.00
Microsomes, Ram Seminal Vessicles V02 5 mg $185.00
PGE2 EIA Kit EA02 Kit $330.00