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Nitric oxide can be spectrophotometrically assayed by measuring the accumulation of its stable degradation products, nitrate and nitrite. The ratio of these two products in biological fluids, tissue culture media, etc. may vary substantially. Hence, for accurate assessment of the total nitric oxide generated, one must monitor both nitrate and nitrite.

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iNOS Specific Peptide NS25 0.1 mg $105.00
Nitric Oxide Non-Enzymatic Assay Kit NB88 Kit $270.00
Nitric Oxide Non-Enzymatic Refill Kit NB88R Kit $235.00
Nitric Oxide Synthase Cofactors NS70 Kit $75.00
PKC Eta Standard PK46 0.001 mg $125.00
PKC Peptide Panel PK52 0.1 mg ea. $780.00
PKC Standard Panel PK51 Panel $485.00
PKC-alpha Specific Peptide PK12 0.1 mg $125.00
PKC-alpha Standard PK11 0.001 mg $125.00
PKC-beta I Specific Peptide PK17 0.1 mg $125.00