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Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) cause more deaths per year than the next six leading causes of death combined. There is also strong evidence for a role of oxidative stress, a key focus at Oxford Biomedical Research, in the development of CVD. Emerging risk factors for CVD include isoprostanes, C-reactive proteins, fibrinogen and plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1). Fibrinogen and PAI-1 are key components of the highly regulated coagulation process. Elevated PAI-1 transcription has been reported to be caused by oxidative stress activation of the AP-1 response element. Vascular endothelial cells also play a key role in cancer by limiting the access of circulating cells to sub-endothelial space and thereby reducing tumor metastasis.

We offer a wide range of antibodies, purified and recombinant proteins, and immunoassay kits for studies of proteins involved in cardiovascular biology – including those that play key roles in coagulation and its regulation, as well as other proteins that have been recognized as important in cardiovascular pathobiology.

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Monoclonal antibody to human renin and prorenin, clone 7D3-E3 RN43 0.1 mg $210.00
Mouse alpha 2 antiplasmin, Flag-tagged VA17 0.1 mg $560.00
Mouse alpha 2 antiplasmin, His tagged VA37 0.1 mg $375.00
Mouse Alpha2 Antiplasmin EIA kit PL98 Kit $560.00
Mouse Anti Human RAP Monoclonal Antibody RA20 1.0 mg $555.00
Mouse Antithrombin CT05 1.0 mg $515.00
Mouse Factor X CF38 0.1 mg $825.00
Mouse Factor X Total Antigen ELISA assay CF41 Kit $570.00
Mouse Factor X, C-terminal 8x His tag CF40 0.1 mg $325.00
Mouse Factor Xa CF39 0.05 mg $690.00